House of Representatives
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(1) What are the qualifications to be a State Representative?

House members must be 21 years of age (Senators must be 25 years of age) at the time of their election. During their terms of office, legislators must reside and be eligible to vote in their legislative districts.

(2) When does the Legislature convene?
(3) How long is a Legislative session?
(4) When does the House of Representatives meet during the session?
(5) How can I find out when House Standing Committees meet?
(6) Where do I obtain copies of Legislative Measures?
(7) Is there a charge for copies of Legislative Measures?
(8) How can I get information on the Status of a Measure?
(9) What if I don't know who my Representative is?
(10) How can I contact my Representative?
(11) What services are available to assist persons with disabilities?
(12) How to lobby the Legislature in person?
(13) How to get the most out of Committee Meetings?
(14) How to write testimony for a Committee?
(15) How to write to your Legislator?
(16) How can I find out how my Legislator has voted on a particular issue?
(17) How can I search for a particular Oklahoma Statute?
(18) How can I obtain Legislative Histories on Oklahoma Legislation?
(19) How can I schedule a tour of the State Capitol?
Address: 2300 N Lincoln Blvd., State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405) 521-2711 | (800) 522-8502 | (800) 522-8506 (Relay Oklahoma)