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House Votes for 2015 - 55th Legislature

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 Date of VoteMeasure #Bill InformationAuthorActionYea/Nay
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Details 03/05/2015HB1847Motor vehicles; modifying child passengerInmanSUSPEND HOUSE RULES PASSED74/1
Details 03/05/2015HB2042Motor vehicles; relating to the Drug Court Act;YoungTHIRD READING PASSED79/0
Details 03/05/2015HB2005Public retirement systems; Firefighters PensionSandersTHIRD READING PASSED78/0
Details 03/05/2015HB2081Higher education; providing for establishment ofNelsonTHIRD READING PASSED78/0
Details 03/05/2015HB2049Schools; Student Data Accessibility, TransparencyNelsonTHIRD READING PASSED79/0
Details 03/05/2015HB2088Schools; directing the State Board of EducationNelsonTHIRD READING PASSED79/0
Details 03/05/2015HB1903Labor; employment of children; providingJohnsonTHIRD READING PASSED82/0
Details 03/05/2015HB1725Oklahoma Open Meeting Act; modifying definitionOsbornTHIRD READING PASSED77/2
Details 03/05/2015HB1608Intoxicating liquors; definition of beneficialSherrerTHIRD READING PASSED71/5
Details 03/05/2015HB1604Schools; requiring certain information to be madeSherrerTHIRD READING PASSED71/0
Details 03/05/2015*RULE 9.6 SUSPEND HOUSE RULES PASSED73/1
Details 03/05/2015HB1584Labor; Employment Security Act of 1980; providingParkTHIRD READING PASSED81/0
Details 03/05/2015HB1562Mental health; expanding licensed health careHallTHIRD READING PASSED80/2
Details 03/05/2015HB1548Criminal procedure; judicial review; authorizingBiggsTHIRD READING PASSED82/0
Details 03/05/2015HB2185Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund;HickmanTHIRD READING PASSED81/0
Details 03/05/2015HB2180Higher education; modifying eligibilityHickmanEMERGENCY FAILED64/16
Details 03/05/2015HB2180Higher education; modifying eligibilityHickmanTHIRD READING PASSED72/10
Details 03/05/2015HB1589Schools; modifying curricular requirements forCoody (Ann)THIRD READING FAILED32/50
Details 03/05/2015HB1828Professions and occupations; creating theMartinTHIRD READING FAILED34/47
Details 03/05/2015HB1828Professions and occupations; creating theMartinSUSPEND HOUSE RULES FAILED19/55
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