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House Floor Votes for 2015 - 55th Legislature

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 Date of VoteMeasure #Bill InformationAuthorActionYea/Nay
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Details 03/30/2015SB563Roads and bridges; relating to use of right-of-DerbyTHIRD READING PASSED84/13
Details 03/30/2015SB109Durable powers of attorney; modifying certainRousselotTHIRD READING PASSED92/2
Details 03/30/2015SB28State purchasing; modifying requirements forEcholsEMERGENCY FAILED46/38
Details 03/30/2015SB28State purchasing; modifying requirements forEcholsTHIRD READING PASSED73/23
Details 03/30/2015SB338Tax administration; authorizing release ofMartinTHIRD READING PASSED86/8
Details 03/30/2015SB292Children; modifying definition of abuse; addingEcholsTHIRD READING PASSED98/1
Details 03/30/2015SB167Restrictions on convicted sex offenders;CaseyTHIRD READING PASSED88/6
Details 03/30/2015SB42Memorial Highways; exempting certain requirementsJohnsonTHIRD READING PASSED94/1
Details 03/30/2015SB346State government; creating the GovernorsWalkerTHIRD READING PASSED90/4
Details 03/30/2015SB115Medical foster homes; requiring criminalHardinTHIRD READING PASSED93/0
Details 03/30/2015SB215Notary public commissions; modifying certainGrauTHIRD READING PASSED77/1
Details 03/25/2015JCRSB820Office of the Attorney General; reappropriatingSearsEMERGENCY PASSED68/24
Details 03/25/2015JCRSB820Office of the Attorney General; reappropriatingSearsTHIRD READING PASSED83/10
Details 03/25/2015SB262Schools; directing the State Department ofThomsenTHIRD READING PASSED92/0
Details 03/23/2015SB111Municipal courts; increasing certain thresholdODonnellTHIRD READING PASSED72/21
Details 03/23/2015SB180Guardians ad litem and court-appointment specialNewellTHIRD READING PASSED93/0
Details 03/11/2015HB1116Prisons and reformatories; authorizing theClevelandTHIRD READING PASSED58/31
Details 03/11/2015HB2131Revenue and taxation; repealer; effective date.ClevelandTHIRD READING PASSED90/1
Details 03/11/2015HB2130Schools; repealer; calculation of instructionClevelandTHIRD READING PASSED87/1
Details 03/11/2015HB1422State capital and capitol building; repealing theMurpheyTHIRD READING PASSED90/1
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