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Details 05/23/2014CCR SB2003Bail Enforcement And Licensing Act; ImpersonatingJoynerEmergency Passed69/0
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB2003Bail Enforcement And Licensing Act; ImpersonatingJoynerFourth Reading Passed70/0
Details 05/23/2014CCR HB1259Children; Demarions Law; Requiring Insurance OrSheltonFourth Reading Failed41/31
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB1848Public Health; Directing Board Of Health ToGrauFourth Reading Passed60/8
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB1903Public Utility Service; Authorizing PublicCaseyFourth Reading Failed24/48
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB331Sales Tax; Relating To Sales Tax Exemptions;SearsEmergency Failed39/27
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB331Sales Tax; Relating To Sales Tax Exemptions;SearsFourth Reading Passed52/21
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB862Gold And Silver Coins; Providing For Status AsBanzFourth Reading Passed57/11
Details 05/23/20142ND CCR SB387  Fourth Reading Passed52/24
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB1442Firearms; Carrying Of Firearms By CertainMartin (Steve)Fourth Reading Passed73/5
Details 05/23/2014   Suspend House Passed72/0
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB1923Service Warranty Act; Adding Definitions;WoodFourth Reading Passed81/0
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB1315Initiative And Referendum; Relating To PetitionsGrauFourth Reading Passed82/0
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB1215Telephone Companies; Requiring Prior Notification;GrauFourth Reading Passed76/5
Details 05/23/20142nd CCR SB814Fingerprinting Prisoners; Requiring ArrestingBiggsFourth Reading Passed54/25
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB1438Constructions Industries Board; RemovingEcholsEmergency Failed63/20
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB1438Constructions Industries Board; RemovingEcholsFourth Reading Passed71/11
Details 05/23/2014CCR SB503Motor Vehicles; Authorizing Oklahoma TaxChristianFourth Reading Passed78/1
Details 05/23/2014SB2140Criminal Procedure; Expungement Of CriminalHickmanThird Reading Passed62/17
Details 05/23/20142ND CCR SB582  Fourth Reading Passed75/9

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