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House Floor Votes for 2015 - 55th Legislature

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 Date of VoteMeasure #Bill InformationAuthorActionYea/Nay
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Details 04/16/2015SB456Courthouse security; authorizing addition ofRoberts (Dustin)THIRD READING PASSED54/26
Details 04/16/2015SB456Courthouse security; authorizing addition ofRoberts (Dustin)SUSPEND HOUSE RULES PASSED69/3
Details 04/16/2015SB498Revenue and taxation; exemptions for certainSearsTHIRD READING PASSED78/3
Details 04/15/2015SB591Professions and occupations; apprentices;WallaceTHIRD READING PASSED84/0
Details 04/15/2015SB591Professions and occupations; apprentices;WallaceSUSPEND HOUSE RULES PASSED73/0
Details 04/15/2015SB312Elections; modifying dates upon which electionsEcholsTHIRD READING PASSED61/25
Details 04/15/2015SB465Motor vehicle certificates of title; lien release;OwnbeyTHIRD READING PASSED81/0
Details 04/15/2015SB587Bail Enforcement and Licensing Act; apprehensionMontgomeryTHIRD READING PASSED85/0
Details 04/15/2015SB234Firearms for off-duty police officers; modifyingOsbornTHIRD READING PASSED86/0
Details 04/15/2015SB560Insurance; creating the Health Care EmpowermentDerbyTHIRD READING PASSED83/0
Details 04/15/2015SB804Vision plans; modifying provisions relating toCoody (Jeff)RECONSIDER MEASURE PASSED53/29
Details 04/15/2015*  SUSPEND HOUSE RULES PASSED82/0
Details 04/15/2015SB20Teacher certification; providing forHenkeTHIRD READING PASSED87/4
Details 04/15/2015SB528Bus transportation; modifying inclusions.WoodTHIRD READING PASSED91/0
Details 04/15/2015SB804Vision plans; modifying provisions relating toCoody (Jeff)THIRD READING FAILED31/57
Details 04/15/2015SB424Intoxicating liquors; allowing sale of beer toWilliamsTHIRD READING PASSED66/19
Details 04/15/2015SB383Intoxicating liquor; relating to authority underMulreadyTHIRD READING PASSED68/21
Details 04/15/2015SB656Emergency and Transportation Revolving Fund;CockroftTHIRD READING PASSED78/12
Details 04/15/2015SB578Offenders; allowing Department of Corrections toCoxTHIRD READING PASSED62/22
Details 04/15/2015SB453Motor vehicles; modifying provisions relating toLepakTHIRD READING PASSED75/3
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