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RepresentativeEmailDistrictPartyPhoneRoomLA Name
Banz, Gary 101R(405) 557-7395433Angie Robinson
Bennett, John 2R(405) 557-7315300AMartha Perry
Biggs, Scott 51R(405) 557-7405242Kellie Reidlinger*
Billy, Lisa 42R(405) 557-7365440Saprina Crosthwait
Brown, Mike 4D(405) 557-7408545Connie Riley
Brumbaugh, David 76R(405) 557-7347400BMarlene Lynch*
Caldwell, Chad 40R(405) 557-7317329AChloe Fuksa*
Calvey, Kevin 82R(405) 557-7357301AChelsey Jones
Cannaday, Ed 15D(405) 557-7375546Gene Fowler*
Casey, Dennis 35R(405) 557-7344337Robin Andrew*
Christian, Mike 93R(405) 557-7371303Marilyn Watkins*
Cleveland, Bobby 20R(405) 557-7308240Sandy Cunningham*
Cockroft, Josh 27R(405) 557-7349303ACarla Ray*
Condit, Donnie 18D(405) 557-7376502Leslie Smith-Haddad*
Coody, Ann 64R(405) 557-7398439Cindy Stevens
Coody, Jeff 63R(405) 557-7307338Rachel Morse*
Cooksey, Marian 39R(405) 557-7342409Patti Muzny
Cox, Doug 5R(405) 557-7415331Jane Mitchell
Dank, David 85R(405) 557-7392435Charlotte Maughan
Denney, Lee 33R(405) 557-7304441Suzanne Earnest
Derby, David 74R(405) 557-7377408Jennifer Cooper
Dunlap, Travis 10R(405) 557-7402250ACaleb Humphrey*
Dunnington, Jason 88D(405) 557-7396500ADustin Akers*
Echols, Jon 90R(405) 557-7354248Kaye Beach*
Enns, John 41R(405) 557-7321434Natalie Villalobos
Faught, George 14R(405) 557-7310301BShannon McGowan
Fisher, Dan 60R(405) 557-7311202Lindsay Gasaway*
Fourkiller, William 86D(405) 557-7394542Amy Hicks
Grau, Randy 81R(405) 557-7360330Matt Blubaugh*
Griffith, Claudia 45D(405) 557-7386539Tanisha Woods
Hall, Elise 100R(405) 557-7403200AKarlita Manger*
Hardin, Tommy 49R(405) 557-7383336Sandy Cowden*
Henke, Katie 71R(405) 557-7361244BEvie McPherson*
Hickman, Jeffrey 58R(405) 557-7339401Leia Laird
Hoskin, Chuck 6D(405) 557-7319509Justin Scrimshire
Inman, Scott 94D(405) 557-7370548Jacquelyn Walsh
Johnson, Dennis 50R(405) 557-7327407Audra Brice
Jordan, John Paul 43R(405) 557-7352328BCarol Seay*
Joyner, Charlie 95R(405) 557-7314436Madeline Baldwin
Kannady, Chris 91R(405) 557-7337246ATerri Ihnat*
Kern, Sally 84R(405) 557-7348304Missy
Kirby, Dan 75R(405) 557-7356302AHollie Bishop
Kouplen, Steve 24D(405) 557-7306541Amy Hicks
Leewright, James 29R(405) 557-7353204BBelinda Clark*
Lepak, Mark 9R(405) 557-7380328AGenevieve McClain*
Lockhart, James 3D(405) 557-7413505Leslie Smith-Haddad
Loring, Ben 7D(405) 557-7399539BKirsten Therkelson*
Martin, Scott 46R(405) 557-7329441Vickie Thomas
Matthews, Kevin 73D(405) 557-7406510Gracie Monson
McBride, Mark 53R(405) 557-7346248Kaye Beach*
McCall, Charles 22R(405) 557-7412244Evie McPherson*
McCullough, Mark 30R(405) 557-7414435AChris Coulter
McDaniel, Jeannie 78D(405) 557-7334508Kandi Hoehner
McDaniel, Randy 83R(405) 557-7409438Chris Biggs
McPeak, Jerry 13D(405) 557-7302503Janice Stotts
Montgomery, John 62R(405) 557-7374329BLourie Ward*
Moore, Lewis 96R(405) 557-7400329Denise Crosswhite Hader
Morrissette, Richard 92D(405) 557-7404543Jackie Brink Rosen
Mulready, Glen 68R(405) 557-7340200Karlita Manger*
Murdock, Casey 61R(405) 557-7384301Ben Keel*
Murphey, Jason 31R(405) 557-7350437Sarah Spencer
Nelson, Jason 87R(405) 557-7335305AMegan Winburn
Newell, Tom 28R(405) 557-7372302Tonya Kiper*
Nollan, Jadine 66R(405) 557-7390333Cherie Poertner*
O'Donnell, Terry 23R(405) 557-7379242Kellie Reidlinger*
Ortega, Charles 52R(405) 557-7369442Jamie Hudson
Osborn, Leslie 47R(405) 557-7333303BCheri Snipes*
Ownbey, Pat 48R(405) 557-7326334Debbie Blair
Park, Scooter 65R(405) 557-7305338Rachel Morse*
Perryman, David 56D(405) 557-7401540Pam King
Peterson, Pam 67R(405) 557-7341405Celia Scott
Pfeiffer, John 38R(405) 557-7332301Ben Keel*
Proctor, Eric 77D(405) 557-7410540APam King
Pruett, R. C. 19D(405) 557-7382501Peggy Dunlap*
Renegar, Brian 17D(405) 557-7381504Louise Aldridge*
Ritze, Mike 80R(405) 557-7338433BNatasha Holliday
Roberts, Dustin 21R(405) 557-7366302BHeather Cummings*
Roberts, Sean 36R(405) 557-7322250Caleb Humphrey*
Rogers, Michael 98R(405) 557-7362300BBrandy Kennedy*
Rousselot, Wade 12D(405) 557-7388507Jane Iverson-Ross
Russ, Todd 55R(405) 557-7312300Debby Morales
Sanders, Mike 59R(405) 557-7407205Billie Uhlenhake
Scott, Seneca 72D(405) 557-7391510Gracie Monson
Sears, Earl 11R(405) 557-7358432DMelinda Goodwin
Shelton, Mike 97D(405) 557-7367539Tanisha Woods
Sherrer, Ben 8D(405) 557-7364500Debra Smith
Shoemake, Jerry 16D(405) 557-7373506Margo Watson*
Stone, Shane 89D(405) 557-7397510AAlecsia Windfield*
Strohm, Chuck 69R(405) 557-7331300CHolly Cox*
Tadlock, Johnny 1D(405) 557-7363539BKirsten Therkelson*
Thomsen, Todd 25R(405) 557-7336410Linda James
Vaughan, Steve 37R(405) 557-7355335Glenda Mollman*
Virgin, Emily 44D(405) 557-7323500Debra Smith
Walker, Ken 70R(405) 557-7359204Belinda Clark*
Wallace, Kevin 32R(405) 557-7368246BTerri Ihnat*
Watson, Weldon 79R(405) 557-7330406Frankie Lou Reeves*
Wesselhoft, Paul 54R(405) 557-7343328Kari Wilson
Williams, Cory 34D(405) 557-7411544Kandi Hoehner
Wood, Justin 26R(405) 557-7345202Lindsay Gasaway*
Wright, Harold 57R(405) 557-7325332Dee Lemon
Young, George 99D(405) 557-7393510BAlecsia Windfield*
* = Legislative Assistants providing interim coverage.

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