House of Representatives

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Meeting Tuesday, February 25, 2020 10:30:00 AM in ROOM 412C Chairman Baker Rev 0
 2 HB3257
School expenditures; defining instructional expenditure; effective date; emergency.   Nollan
 3 HB3540
Schools; Maria's Law; mental health education; professional development programs; mental health awareness; effective date.   Boatman
 4 HB3379
Schools; alternative certification for teachers; professional education; effective date.   Miller
 5 HB3871
Education; remedial education; public high school students; institutions of higher learning; tuition; repealer; effective date.   Dunnington
 6 HB2860
Schools; designating school as a Purple Star Campus; effective date.   Pae
 7 HB3210
Schools; modifying types of alternative teacher certificates; effective date.   Lepak
 8 HB3466
Schools; State Textbook Committee; textbook standards; repealer; effective date.   West (Tammy)
 9 HB3964
Schools; eliminating requirement to send certain notice by mail; effective date.   Caldwell (Chad)
 10 HB3143
Schools; updating mandatory teaching professional development requirements; effective date.   Provenzano
 11 HB2905
Schools; creating the Education Reform Act of 2020; effective date.   Dills
 12 HB2799
Schools; mental health; Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment Survey; effective date; emergency.   Vancuren
 13 HB3400
Schools; requiring public high schools to make advance placement courses available to students; effective date.   Baker
 14 HB3446
Schools; creating the Education Improvement Act of 2020; effective date.   Amendment Filed Baker
Other business and adjournment