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Committee Votes for 2019 - 57th Legislature, 1st Regular Session

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Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB2358Public safety; driver licenses; allowingappropriatMeredithDO PASS PASSED11/0
Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB1936Motor vehicles; modifying criteria requiring childMangerDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED7/4
Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB1393Prisons and reformatories; deeming certain InvestiDillsDO PASS PASSED11/0
Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB2528Motor vehicles; speed limits; prohibiting leniencyGregoDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED9/2
Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB1851Motor vehicles; High-mobility Multipurpose WheeledFetgatterDO PASS PASSED11/0
Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB2519Opiate antagonists; permitting certain persons to West (Tammy)DO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED11/0
Details 02/21/2019RULESHB2612Medical marijuana; creating the OklahomaMedical MaEcholsDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED6/0
Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB2516Motor vehicles; information related to hearing staWest (Tammy)DO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED11/0
Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB2098Motor license agents; enacting the 21stCentury MotODonnellDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED10/1
Details 02/21/2019PUBLIC SAFETYHB2094Crimes and punishments; specifying penalty for disODonnellDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED7/3
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2593Taxation; creating the Oklahoma Tax Exception and EcholsDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED28/0
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2511Revenue and taxation; adjustments to taxable incomMcCallDO PASS PASSED24/0
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2470Education; creating the Education Innovation Act oMcCallDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED28/0
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2275Grand River Dam Authority; modifying certain dutieWest (Josh)DO PASS PASSED26/0
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2671Revenue and taxation; Oklahoma Silver Haired LegisWallaceDO PASS PASSED27/0
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2667Revenue and taxation; Oklahoma Income Tax DeductioWallaceDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED17/10
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2666Public buildings and public works; Public BuildingWallaceDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED27/0
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2287State government; removing salary requirement for WrightDO PASS PASSED28/0
Details 02/20/2019APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB1005Sales tax; modifying and expanding authority for cSimsDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED27/0
Details 02/20/2019JOINT ON APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETHB2739Appropriations and budget; State BudgetImplementatWallace, Hilbert, ThompsonDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED20/7
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