House of Representatives

* Session Only Employees 
Carolina Attaway Staff Attorney
Ryan Bair Deputy Chief Counsel
Charles Barnett Sergeant - 3rd floor Chief
Bennett Beard Caucus Assistant
Jamie Benda Scheduling Clerk
Bob Bentley Supply Clerk
Reid Berry Sergeant - South Parking Lot Attendant
Sharon Beuchaw* Proofing Specialist
Charles Bray Chief of Security
Dan Brooks Research Analyst
Charles Brown House Services Manager
Joe Bullock Chief Sergeant
LaQuetta Bush Payroll Manager
Alison Buxton Staff Attorney
Wesley Carter Press Secretary – House Democratic Caucus
C.J. Cavin Parliamentarian & Deputy General Counsel
Linda Chambers* Encoder
Alan Christy House Maintenance Assistant
Belinda Clark Control Clerk
Nitasha Devan Director of Appointments/Policy Coordinator
Quyen Do Policy Analyst/Redistricting Coordinator
John Estus Senior Advisor/Policy & Communications
Claudia Flynn* Control Clerk
Tori Garrett Press Secretary – House Republican Caucus
Emily Giles Chief Clerk Of The House
James Grim* Sergeant - East Parking Lot Attendant
Terry Groover Enrolling & Engrossing Clerk
Sue Haralson Page and Internship Coordinator
Matthew Harouff* Enrolling & Engrossing Clerk
Karlie Hart Digital Media Specialist – House Republican Caucus
Mark Harter Chief Counsel
Dirk Harzman Junior Systems Engineer
Troy Hehenberger House Services and Maintenance Supervisor
Robert Hendricks Deputy Director of IT/Senior Systems Engineer
Diane Hiltabidle Assistant Supervisor Bill Processing
Tricia Hines Policy Analyst/GIS Coordinator
Andra Holder Staff Attorney
Carson Horner GIS Analyst
Collette Houchen Calendar Clerk/Executive Assistant
Jeff Hubbard Staff Attorney
Terri Ihnat Assistant to Appropriations and Budget
Stacy Johnson Fiscal Policy Analyst II
Erin Kennedy Senior Staff Attorney
Ray Kerchee Sergeant - Page Assistant
Karen Kipgen Receptionist
Devon Lam Technical Support Analyst
Breanna Larman Assistant Journal Clerk/Assistant Subject Index Clerk
Jacob Laughlin Staff Attorney
Kris Mattison Journal Clerk
Clayton Mayfield Fiscal Policy Analyst
Emily McPherson Research Analyst
John McPhetridge Deputy Director of Fiscal/Fiscal Staff Attorney
Lina Mears Senior Software Developer
Andrea Merten Staff Attorney
Greg Moore Enrolling & Engrossing Clerk
Suzie Nahach Research Analyst
Russell Nichols Lead Proofer
Lori Oldham Administrative Support Supervisor/Assistant Control Clerk
Shawn Paine Deputy Parliamentarian
Jake Parsons Senior Leadership Assistant
Tricia Pemberton Deputy Director of Communications & Public Affairs – House Republican Caucus
Tonya Pogue Director of Special Projects/Scheduler to the Speaker
Gene Ramsey Sergeant - 5th floor Chief
Clay Rhodes Leadership Assistant
T.J. Robinson Director of Information Technology
Rick Rose Chief of Staff
Elisabeth Schlebach Receptionist/Back-up LA
Mariah Searock Fiscal Policy Analyst
Daniel Seitz Director of Communications & Public Affairs – House Republican Caucus
Alecia Shannon Back-up LA
Grace Shelton Deputy Chief Counsel
Marilyn Shewmaker* Control Clerk
Jennifer Shockley Human Resources Manager
Phillip Starks (Sr) Deputy Chief Sergeant
Matthew Stevenson Junior Software Developer
Hattie Stockton Executive Secretary
Cole Stout Fiscal Policy Analyst
Jason Sutton Director of Operations & Administration
Keana Swadley GIS Analyst
Sherri Tate Applications Specialist
Patti Thomas Bill Processing Supervisor
Jonita Thomas* Sergeant
Stacey Trivitt Comptroller
Mark Tygret Director of Fiscal
Jason Warfe Director of Digital & Multimedia
Harvey Weathers Sergeant - 4th floor Chief
Sean Webster Research Analyst
Emily Wendler Research Analyst
Daniel Williams GIS Analyst
Brad Wolgamott Director of Research
Hunter Zearley Leadership Assistant