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House Floor Votes for 2019 - 57th Legislature

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Details 03/18/2019*  SUSPEND HOUSE RULES PASSED74/3
Details 03/14/2019HB1985[Insurance; creating the Educators' ProfessionalLepakTHIRD READING PASSED77/15
Details 03/14/2019HB2358[Public safety; driver licenses; allowingMeredithTHIRD READING PASSED94/1
Details 03/14/2019HB2465State government; Oklahoma Personnel Act;DunningtonTHIRD READING PASSED75/19
Details 03/14/2019HB2019[Criminal procedure; directing courts to determineAlbrightTHIRD READING PASSED69/24
Details 03/14/2019HB1979Public health and safety; creating the TBIRansonTHIRD READING PASSED83/11
Details 03/14/2019HB1426Public retirement systems; Oklahoma FirefightersLoringTHIRD READING PASSED91/1
Details 03/14/2019HB2430Human Services Disbursing Fund; abolishing fund;Roberts (Sean)THIRD READING FAILED40/48
Details 03/14/2019HB1161Firearms; authorizing transmission of certainWorthenTHIRD READING PASSED88/0
Details 03/14/2019HB2604[Children; directing Department of Human ServicesEcholsTHIRD READING PASSED88/0
Details 03/13/2019HB1007Schools; requiring professional developmentRosecrantsTHIRD READING FAILED39/56
Details 03/13/2019HB1007Schools; requiring professional developmentRosecrantsTABLE AMENDMENT FAILED25/56
Details 03/13/2019HB1007Schools; requiring professional developmentRosecrantsSUSPEND HOUSE RULES PASSED77/5
Details 03/13/2019HB2367Workers' compensation; amending various statutesKannadyTHIRD READING PASSED95/2
Details 03/13/2019HB2655[Teachers; Minority Teacher Recruitment AdvisoryPittmanTHIRD READING PASSED95/2
Details 03/13/2019HB2639Sexual assault victims; creating the SexualMunsonTHIRD READING PASSED97/0
Details 03/13/2019HB1427Children; exempting multidisciplinary child abuseLoringTHIRD READING PASSED93/0
Details 03/13/2019HB1316Teachers; requiring emergency-certified teachersConleyTHIRD READING PASSED95/1
Details 03/13/2019HB1965Criminal justice; authorizing creation of post-BranhamTHIRD READING PASSED93/0
Details 03/13/2019HB2423Corporations; enacting the Oklahoma BenefitMooreTHIRD READING PASSED93/0
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