House of Representatives

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Vacant 89  
Moore, Lewis 96R2020
Ortega, Charles 52R2020
Sanders, Mike 59R2020
Wright, Harold 57R2020
Hardin, Tommy 49R2022
Nollan, Jadine 66R2022
Roberts, Dustin 21R2022
Roberts, Sean 36R2022
Russ, Todd 55R2022
Virgin, Emily 44D2022
Echols, Jon 90R2024
McBride, Mark 53R2024
McCall, Charles 22R2024
O'Donnell, Terry 23R2024
Perryman, David 56D2024
Caldwell, Chad 40R2026
Dunnington, Jason 88D2026
Kannady, Chris 91R2026
Lepak, Mark 9R2026
Loring, Ben 7D2026
Pfeiffer, John 38R2026
Tadlock, Johnny 1R2026
Wallace, Kevin 32R2026
Baker, Rhonda 60R2028
Bennett, Forrest 92D2028
Blancett, Meloyde 78D2028
Bush, Carol 70R2028
Dollens, Mickey 93D2028
Fetgatter, Scott 16R2028
Frix, Avery 13R2028
Gann, Tom 8R2028
Goodwin, Regina 73D2028
Hilbert, Kyle 29R2028
Humphrey, Justin 19R2028
Kerbs, Dell 26R2028
Lawson, Mark 30R2028
Lowe, Jason 97D2028
Martinez, Ryan 39R2028
McDugle, Kevin 12R2028
McEntire, Marcus 50R2028
Meredith, Matt 4D2028
Munson, Cyndi 85D2028
Newton, Carl 58R2028
Nichols, Monroe 72D2028
Osburn, Mike 81R2028
Walke, Collin 87D2028
West, Josh 5R2028
West, Kevin 54R2028
West, Tammy 84R2028
Worthen, Rande 64R2028
Ford, Ross 76R2029
Rosecrants, Jacob 46D2029
Taylor, Zack 28R2029
Albright, Kelly 95D2030
Bell, Merleyn 45D2030
Boatman, Jeff 67R2030
Boles, Brad 51R2030
Branham, Chelsey 83D2030
Brewer, Denise 71D2030
Burns, Ty 35R2030
Caldwell, Trey 63R2030
Conley, Sherrie 20R2030
Cornwell, Rusty 6R2030
Crosswhite Hader, Denise 41R2030
Davis, Dean 98R2030
Dills, Sheila 69R2030
Fincher, Derrel 11R2030
Fugate, Andy 94D2030
Grego, Jim 17R2030
Hardin, David 86R2030
Hasenbeck, Toni 65R2030
Hill, Brian 47R2030
Johns, Ronny 25R2030
Kiger, Lundy 3R2030
Luttrell, Ken 37R2030
Manger, Robert 101R2030
Marti, T.J. 75R2030
May, Stan 80R2030
Miller, Nicole 82R2030
Mize, Garry 31R2030
Olsen, Jim 2R2030
Pae, Daniel 62R2030
Patzkowsky, Kenton 61R2030
Phillips, Logan 24R2030
Pittman, Ajay 99D2030
Provenzano, Melissa 79D2030
Randleman, Randy 15R2030
Ranson, Trish 34D2030
Roe, Cynthia 42R2030
Sims, Lonnie 68R2030
Smith, David 18R2030
Sneed, Chris 14R2030
Stark, Marilyn 100R2030
Steagall, Jay 43R2030
Sterling, Danny 27R2030
Strom, Judd 10R2030
Talley, John 33R2030
Townley, Tammy 48R2030
Vancuren, Mark 74R2030
Waldron, John 77D2030

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