Bill Creating Federal Funding Holding Account Passes Committee

2/25/2021 10:02:00 AM

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Kevin West, R-Moore, on Wednesday secured committee passage of a bill that would create a Federal Funds Holding Account that could then be appropriated by the state Legislature. 

House Bill 1665 passed the House Appropriations and Budget Committee with a vote of 20-10.

“People elect representatives to serve them in state government with the expectation that they will have oversight of how tax dollars are appropriated and to help determine the best use of those dollars,” West said. “Right now, too many of our federal dollars are going outside of the legislative process with too little transparency over how and on what they are spent. This measure corrects that.”


Unless prohibited or restricted by federal law, the measure directs all funds paid to the state by the federal government to be deposited into the Federal Funds Holding Account, which will exist inside the General Revenue Fund, which is subject to appropriation by the Legislature.


HB 1665 now is eligible to be considered by the entire House.