Shelton to convene interim study on “Stand Your Ground” and open carry laws

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Contact: Rep. Mike Shelton

(405) 557-7367

OKLAHOMA CITY- Rep. Mike Shelton, D-Oklahoma City, will convene an interim study mid-November in order to conduct a comprehensive review of Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” and open carry laws. 

“This issue has been on my heart for some time,” said Shelton. “We don’t need to look to Florida or any other state for a tragedy. Oklahoma has its own stories. Now seems like a good time to carefully weigh all sides of the issue and determine whether or not Oklahoma’s version of ‘Stand Your Ground’ and open carry best suits our needs and our situation.”

“I plan to examine these laws from as many angles as possible in this interim study,” said Shelton. “We need to study in-depth the successes and shortcomings of these laws, what these laws do to increase or decrease Oklahomans’ sense of security. We need to bring law enforcement, mental health professionals, and a whole array of voices into this discussion to see if ‘Stand Your Ground’ and open carry, as they are currently written, meet the needs of our citizens.”

“I want to emphasize that all sides will be represented at this study,” said Shelton. “I will bring proponents and opponents together and we will have a meaningful conversation on the value of “Stand Your Ground” and open carry laws. It may perhaps result in new legislation in the spring. Regardless the end result, I encourage the public to engage with this topic and I look forward to this discussion going forward.”