Rep. Cleveland Questions OSSAA Prayer Policy

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Contact: State Rep. Bobby Cleveland
Capitol: (405) 557-7308

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Bobby Cleveland said today that the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association should allow school prayer in playoff games.

The OSSAA this year again approved an existing policy that bans prayer during the organization’s playoffs.

Cleveland said it is a continuation of a policy that infringes on people’s right to prayer.

“How can an organization or even the government tell someone that they cannot pray,” Cleveland said. “It’s fine if OSSAA officials don’t want to take part. It’s fine if anyone present doesn’t want to take part. Why is it okay to tell people they can’t pray?”

Cleveland said that the policies reflect a movement by the left to protect “made-up rights” while stepping on clearly-defined constitutional rights.

“Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion,” Cleveland said. “It takes an awful lot of twisting around to get the concept so backwards. It is amazingly clear cut when you break it down, isn’t it?”

Cleveland plans to request an interim study to examine OSSAA rules.