Babinec Releases Statement on New Law Protecting Places of Worship

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Contact: State Rep. Greg Babinec
Phone: (405) 557-7304


OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Greg Babinec, R-Cushing, released the following statement on House Bill 2632. The measure, which was signed by Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday, protects places of worship from litigation in the event deadly force is used to defend worshippers during an active shooter situation. 

“In light of recent tragedies, this legislation is a proactive effort that allows places of worship to implement policies to protect their congregations without the fear of a lawsuit. House Bill 2632 adds places of worship to the list of locations where Oklahoma families have a right to expect absolute safety. The list already includes a person’s home and place of business. This bill isn’t about the Second Amendment, but it is about the First. We have a right to worship in this country, and this legislation allows places of worship to protect that right without fear of legal prosecution.”