House of Representatives

Representative Jacob Rosecrants
District 46 -  Democrat


Administrative Rules
A&B Natural Resources and Regulatory Services
Common Education
Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
State and Federal Redistricting South Central Oklahoma Subcommittee



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County(s) Represented in District


Municipality(s) Represented in District

Noble, Norman

Zipcode(s) Represented in District

73026, 73068, 73069, 73071, 73072

Year Elected

Year: 2017

Term Limited

Year: 2030

Biographical Information

Jacob was born in Oklahoma City, and has lived in Norman for the better part of 30 years. Shortly after graduation from Norman High School, he decided that being a teacher was his goal. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2008, as a History major with a minor in Classical Cultures. He became a teacher in 2012 and has been teaching at the high school and middle school levels in Oklahoma City Public Schools ever since.

He is the proud father of a 9 year old daughter, Isabella, and of a 8 year old son, Jonah, both of whom attend Norman Public Schools.

Jacob has been a loud activist for public education for years, with his main concerns being the lack of funding given to schools, low pay for teachers, and the harmful high-stakes tests that are unnecessarily forced upon students, especially in lower income schools.

Before becoming a Representative in 2017, Jacob taught 7th grade Geography at Roosevelt Middle School in Southwest Oklahoma City. He has a passion for public education, has the patience to listen to constituents, and has the strength and ability to help our communities to progress into the future.


House of Representatives, 56th Legislature to present