House of Representatives

Representative Scott Biggs
District 51 -  Republican


Assistant Majority Floor Leader


Judiciary - Criminal Justice and Corrections, Chair
Agriculture and Rural Development
Appropriations and Budget
A&B Natural Resources and Regulatory Services
Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget

District Information

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County(s) Represented in District

Grady, McClain, Stephens

Municipality(s) Represented in District

Alex, Blanchard, Bradley, Bray, Bridge Creek, Central High, Chickasha, Duncan, Marlow, Newcastle, Ninnekah, Tuttle, Velma

Zipcode(s) Represented in District

73002, 73004, 73010, 73011, 73017, 73018, 73052, 73055, 73065, 73067, 73082, 73089, 73425, 73434, 73481, 73491, 73533

Year Elected

Year: 2013

Term Limited

Year: 2024

Biographical Information

House of Representatives, 54th Legislature to present