House of Representatives

About Research Division

The research staff is utilized by House members for assignments ranging from information and policy analysis requests from individual members to staff support for House committees during session and interim periods. Each researcher performs his or her duties in a nonpartisan manner and has expertise in one or more legislative policy areas. The research staff is also involved in general review and oversight of Oklahoma’s executive agencies and their operations. As part of the worked performed for House committees, staff provide summaries of each bill that is given a hearing. At the end of each regular session the research division prepares the Session Overview, a brief summary of some of the most significant legislation enacted during that session and then the Session in Review, a comprehensive look at each bill and joint resolution passed by the legislature.

Contact Staff List

Staff Name with Email Link/Job Title
Brad Wolgamott   
Director of Research
    Dan Brooks   
   Research Analyst
    Emily McPherson   
   Research Analyst
    Emily Wendler   
   Research Analyst
    Sean Webster   
   Research Analyst
    Suzie Nahach   
   Research Analyst
    Tricia Hines   
   Policy Analyst/GIS Coordinator
    Quyen Do   
   Policy Analyst/Redistricting Coordinator
      GIS Analyst
       Keana Swadley   
      GIS Analyst