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Welcome to the research page of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. This page is dedicated to the distribution of data and/or analysis, generated by the Oklahoma House of Representatives Research Division, which may interest the broader research community or the general public. Below are links to datasets and aggregate tables. Researchers are invited to download and further analyze these data. If scholarly work is produced from these data, please cite as indicated in the document.

Additional work produced by the Oklahoma House of Representatives can be found here.

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Oklahoma House of Representatives Copyright Notice: The publications of the Oklahoma House of Representatives prepared by Oklahoma House of Representatives Staff, including the Bill Summaries and Fiscal Impact Statements of House and Senate bills prepared by House staff are copyrighted material. This applies to both current and past works. In addition, any other Oklahoma House of Representatives publications created by the staff of the Oklahoma House of Representatives publicly released are likewise copyrighted material.

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The summaries and fiscal impact statements may be used in their entirety for any noncommercial purpose by giving credit as follows: The summaries are prepared by the Staff of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and are used by permission. All other uses of the summaries must have specific written permission. Address requests for such permission to the Chief Clerk, Oklahoma House of Representatives, 2300 N. Lincoln Boulevard, Room 109, Oklahoma City, OK 73105.

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