Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus Educators Letter to Superintendent Joy Hofmeister

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Dr. Joy Hofmeister


Oklahoma State Department of Education

June 19th, 2020


Dear Superintendent Hofmeister:


We applaud your decision to waive federal testing requirements this year. In the light of the pandemic and all its attendant disruptions, it was the right thing to do. Your leadership in these hard times is admirable and appreciated.


The state of Georgia has sought a standardized testing waiver for 2020-21 We request that Oklahoma do the same. These extraordinary times demand your continued strong leadership. Our students face both a deficit from last year’s shutdown and the prospect of calendar interruptions this year. It’s time to innovate to meet the new challenges.


The Georgia waiver request reads:

“Given the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic and the resulting state budget reductions, it would be counterproductive to continue with high-stakes testing for the 2020-2021 school year. In anticipation of a return to in-person instruction, we believe schools’ focus should be on remediation, growth and the safety of students. Every dollar spent on high-stakes testing would be a dollar taken away from the classroom.”


We urge you to give this proposal due consideration.





John Waldron

Representative, House District 77