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Committee Votes for 2016 - 55th Legislature

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Details 04/07/2016PUBLIC SAFETYSB1202Council of Law Enforcement Education andTraining; Christian, DavidDO PASS AS AMENDED, STRIKE THE TITLE AND ENACTING CLAUS10/1
Details 04/07/2016PUBLIC SAFETYSB954CLEET; amending training requirements.Effective daThomsen, PaddackDO PASS PASSED11/0
Details 04/07/2016PUBLIC SAFETYSB952Professional licensing; bond enforcement; modifyinThomsen, PaddackDO PASS PASSED11/0
Details 04/07/2016PUBLIC SAFETYSB982Motor vehicles; permitting certain nighttime traveWright, StanislawskiDO PASS PASSED11/0
Details 04/07/2016PUBLIC SAFETYSB997Driver licenses; modifying inclusions; authorizingRoberts (Dustin), BarringtonDO PASS PASSED10/1
Details 04/07/2016PUBLIC SAFETYSB907Texting and driving; modifying inclusions. EffectiODonnell, BarringtonDO PASS PASSED10/1
Details 04/07/2016PUBLIC SAFETYSB1406Child safety; clarifying age requirements. EffectInman, BassDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED11/0
Details 04/07/2016PUBLIC SAFETYSB1027Emergency responders; creating OklahomaIncident MaJoyner, BarringtonDO PASS PASSED7/3
Details 04/07/2016INSURANCESB172State government; providing for state employee groNewell, LovelessDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED7/0
Details 04/07/2016INSURANCESB1095Volunteer immunity; providing exemptionfrom liabilEchols, DahmDO PASS PASSED7/0
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB944Oklahoma Rental-Purchase Act; defining term; additOsborn, ThompsonDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED19/2
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB1318Motor vehicles; modifying various weighstation andOsborn, StanislawskiDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED18/3
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB1316Infrastructure development; creating theOklahoma PMartin, SparksDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED18/4
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSJR62Joint Resolution; use tax; expressing intent to coMartin, SparksDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED14/7
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB1265Higher education; removing reference toestablishmeMartin, JolleyDO PASS PASSED13/7
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB1264Schools; requiring school districts to submit certMartin, JolleyDO PASS AS AMENDED, STRIKE THE ENACTING CLAUSE PASSED15/6
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB1227State Treasurer; modifying certain fee.Effective dJohnson, JolleyDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED15/6
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB1388Grand River Dam Authority; relating to use of distCox, DavidDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED19/2
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB1431Schools; allowing schools identified aspersistentlCasey, SmalleyDO PASS PASSED24/0
Details 04/06/2016APPROPRIATIONS AND BUDGETSB1240Cities and towns; creating the OklahomaPublic SafeWatson, MazzeiDO PASS AS AMENDED BY CS PASSED18/6
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