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Nov 2, 2023
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Rep. Kevin West Comments on Time Change

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Kevin West, R-Moore, today commented on the time change Oklahomans will experience this weekend when they "fall back" from daylight saving to standard time at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 5.  "The only way to lock the clock in Oklahoma and to stop this twice yearly time change is to switch to permanent standard time," West said. "I've long advocated for this and after my recent interim study on the issue, I realize it is as important as ever to continue my efforts." West said the aim of his study was to raise awareness among legislators about the history of daylight saving time and to detail the benefits of moving the state to permanent standard time. He invited experts to discuss the science of time change and the detriments of changing the clock twice yearly. West said he's been asked why the state doesn't just adopt permanent daylight saving time year-round instead of standard time. Federal regulations, however, specify states can exempt themselves from daylight saving time but not standard time. Some states have sought a waiver to be allowed to adopt daylight saving time year-round but without success. West also pointed to the Sunshine Protection Act in Congress, which would make daylight saving time permanent, but the act has not passed the last two years, and exemptions for some states would still remain. States that choose not to opt out of daylight saving time are required to set their clocks forward an hour at 2 a.m. the second Sunday of March each year and back an hour at 2 a.m. the first Sunday of November. The U.S. Congress first implemented daylight saving time through the Standard Time Act in 1918 during World War I as a way to "add" more daylight hours to conserve energy. The act also established five time zones across the U.S. The Uniform Time Act in 1966 mandated the country use daylight saving time but allowed states to opt out and to stay on standard time year-round. The thought behind daylight saving time is that by setting the clocks back an hour in November, more daylight time is gained in the early mornings. When an hour is added in March, more daylight is gained in the evenings. Permanent daylight saving time was enacted in 1974, but Oklahoma and other states petitioned the federal government to repeal it because of problems caused by it being dark until after 8 a.m. in the winter. There were complaints of children going to school in the dark and employees starting the work day before the sun rose. The permanent act was repealed in 1975. West said there are additional concerns such as health-related risks, increased auto accidents and work-related injuries that rise when daylight comes after people start their day. West said he's received an enormous amount of positive feedback from Oklahomans who support not having to change the clock twice yearly, specifically noting the time it takes to adjust to the change. He's run legislation in the past to move the state to permanent standard time. It's something he'll consider again for the upcoming legislative session that starts in February. 

Oct 26, 2023
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Wallace Voices Support of Israel

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Kevin Wallace, R-Wellston, today expressed his support of Israel in the ongoing war with Hamas. "The atrocities committed against the nation of Israel and the Jewish people are reprehensible. Reports show at least 1,400 Israelis were murdered in the surprise attack launched Oct. 7. This includes babies that were burned or beheaded. Women were raped, young people at a music festival were targeted, many were kidnapped, thousands of people were injured, and more than 5,000 rockets have been fired against Israeli towns and civilians. "Israel did not provoke this attack but instead is acting to defend itself and it's right to exist both as a nation and as a people. My heart goes out to all innocent people who have been harmed in this war, but the message is clear: don't harbor terrorists and don't allow them to exist within your borders. That is the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. "America, and Oklahoma have long been allies of Israel, believing the nation is blessed by God and that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. "Today, I must express my support for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. I bless them, and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I call on our national governmental leaders to support this ally in its efforts to protect its people and to refrain from sending money or other forms of support to nations that are sworn enemies of this sovereign state of Israel." 

Oct 9, 2023
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McBride: House Supports Israel

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Mark McBride, R-Moore, today issued a statement on the Oklahoma House of Representatives' support of the state of Israel. "The House over a number of years has adopted numerous resolutions and legislation expressing its support of the state of Israel and acknowledging its right to exist. Today, as this ally stands under attack by cruel enemies and faces an increasing number of lives lost and those injured or kidnapped, it is more important than ever for us to remember our support of and pledge our help to Israel through our actions and our prayers." The House in 2021 adopted House Resolution 1037, which expressed support for the nation of Israel during a time of adversity and hostile actions by a foreign power. The resolution was passed on the day in history when Israel declared statehood in 1948, fulfilling a 3,000-year-old prophecy from the Book of Amos that God would bring his people, Israel, out of captivity. The resolution in part reads: "We must stand united with Israel in this latest attack against their sovereignty and their right to exist as a nation and for the Jewish people to exist. Israel is one of the United States' staunchest allies. We must stand firm in condemning the hatred against this people that has led to their expulsion from countries across the globe for centuries and to their massacre, including the more than 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust under the Nazis." The resolution called for a restoration of peace in Israel and asked for prayers for the Jewish people and others involved in the latest escalation of fighting. The resolution further states: “We stand today united in our support of Israel and the Jewish people and we bless them, and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Copies of the resolution were distributed to each member of the Oklahoma congressional delegation. McBride said HR1037 is as relevant today as the day it was passed. He said were the House in session presently, he would suggest another such resolution given the current war. He also pointed out House Resolution 1063, adopted in 2022, which states that Oklahoma will divest the state and its retirement funds of any company that boycotts Israel; and House Bill 3967, passed in 2020, which declared Israel a prominent trading partner and that the state, and those companies that do business by and through the state, in the interest of the state's economic policy, should not boycott trade with Israel. 

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