Rep. Tedford Named 2023 GOPAC Emerging Leader

May 19, 2023
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OKLAHOMA CITY –  Rep. Mark Tedford, R-Tulsa, has been announced as one of the 28 legislators from across the nation selected to GOPAC's 2023 class of Emerging Leaders.

Legislators were nominated by legislative leaders in their states. They were selected because each has demonstrated promise in positively impacting their state and rising within the Republican ranks, according to GOPAC.

House Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, nominated Tedford.

"I want to thank Speaker McCall for nominating me and for his confidence in my abilities," Tedford said. "It is such an honor to be included in this class of distinguished legislators from all over the country. I look forward to meeting my fellow class members and collaborating on new approaches to policy issues.”

McCall said he nominated Tedford for his commitment to conservative values and history of successfully running a business.

"I was proud to nominate Rep. Tedford for this distinguished recognition," McCall said. "He has demonstrated a strong commitment to conservative values during his first session in the Legislature. As an experienced businessman and active community member, he understands the issues that matter to his constituents and he will be an asset to the Emerging Leaders Program."

In the House, Tedford serves as vice chair of the Insurance Committee and is on the Business and Commerce and Common Education Committees. He is also a member of the A&B Education Subcommittee.

The GOPAC Emerging Leaders Program is a year-long initiative to educate the next generation of Republican legislators. The program equips legislators with information to help them legislate more effectively and ultimately achieve leadership roles within their state or run for higher office.

“Our 2023 class of Emerging Leaders is the next installment in our mission to build a roster of state Republicans who are focused on ideas to advance Americans’ personal and economic security,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella. "Whether it is leading in their state legislative chamber or running for higher office in the future, we welcome being part of their development and success."

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