Measure Could Allow Installment Payments on Property Tax

Mar 24, 2023
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Legislation allowing county treasurers to provide the opportunity for residents to prepay ad valorem taxes is heading to the Senate.

Rep. Jeff Boatman, R-Tulsa, said senior citizens and other Oklahomans living on a fixed income deserve flexibility and options to pay their property tax.

"Property taxes are the only tax Oklahomans can't prepay," Boatman said. "Providing the flexibility to pay in installments gives budgeting options to our senior citizens and other people living on a tight budget and lessens their worries about whether they can afford to pay at a later date."

HB2003 establishes procedures for county treasurers to accept 12 installments payments for the prepayment of ad valorem taxes for the upcoming fiscal year.

The measure provides each treasurer discretion to accept installments payments and requires qualifying taxpayers to provide written notice to the treasurer by January 15 each year of their desired payment method.

Accounts with delinquent taxes, accounts with an ongoing valuation protest, taxes paid through an escrow account and public service corporations are not eligible for installment payments.

HB2003 passed the House 52-31 this week and now moves to the Senate, where it is authored by Sen. Ally Seifried, R-Claremore. 

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