Turner Selected to Receive Prestigious ACLU Award

Apr 21, 2023

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Mauree Turner, D-Oklahoma City, is set to receive the American Civil Liberties Union’s Angie Debo Civilian Libertarian of the Year award tomorrow, April 22nd at Metro Tech Business Center in Oklahoma City. The award will be presented at ACLU's annual meeting at 10 a.m. The event is free to everyone and all are invited to attend. 

This prestigious award is given to a person or organization that displayed tremendous leadership in protecting the civil liberties of Oklahomans.

Rep. Turner will be honored because of their unyielding advocacy for human rights for two-spirit LGBTQ+ Oklahomans and their commitment to criminal justice reform centered around principles of restorative justice.

"I have watched this award be presented to tireless fighters, from organizations to individuals, since 2018. However, I never thought I would count myself amongst the ranks of them. It truly is an honor to even be considered for the 2023 ACLU of Oklahoma Angie Debo Civil Libertarian of the Year award."

Rep. Turner is the first Muslim elected in Oklahoma, and the first non-binary person elected to a state office in US history. They have worked with the NAACP of Oklahoma, CAIR Oklahoma, Freedom Oklahoma, and a continuously growing number of grassroots organizations in the state.

They have championed legislation for accurate and equitable documentation for our community members who live beyond the binary, repealing nuisance laws that gives law enforcement more access to our already vulnerable communities.




Oklahoma House of Representatives seal