Moore's Food Insecurity Bill Becomes Law

Apr 26, 2023
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Legislation allowing restaurants and school cafeterias to donate leftover food without threat of civil liability, except in certain circumstances, has been signed into law.

House Bill 1542, authored by Rep. Anthony Moore, R-Clinton, grants civil immunity to restaurants and school cafeterias donating leftover food.

"Unfortunately, the lack of protection from civil action has prevented Oklahoma's restaurants and school cafeterias from donating perfectly good food to those in need," Moore said. "It's my hope that this legislation will help address food shortage issues within the state and open the door to more restaurants and cafeterias interested in donating leftovers."

The bill provides for civil action in situations where the restaurant or school cafeteria willfully or negligently donate spoiled food.

“We have many seniors, individuals and families who are living with food insecurity, while restaurants and school cafeterias feel they have no choice but to throw away nutritious, good food,” said Sen. Brenda Stanley, R-Midwest City, who authored the bill in the Senate. “This new law is aimed at encouraging those restaurants and schools who would like to help address hunger in our state to do so. I appreciate the support of our fellow members and thank Governor Stitt for signing this bill into law.”

HB1542 was signed into law April 19 and will take effect Nov. 1.

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