Measure Aimed at Cutting Red Tape for Small Business Strengthens Child Care Access For Oklahoma Families Signed into Law

May 04, 2023

OKLAHOMA CITY – A bill by freshman Tulsa State Representative Suzanne Schreiber, aimed at cutting red tape for family home childcare and thereby easing the burden Oklahoma families face accessing child care in order to stay in the workforce. The measure was signed by Governor Kevin Stitt on Tuesday and is set to become law in November. 

House Bill 2452, aims to streamline regulations pertaining to the licensing of family home child care facilities across the state. Doing so, Representative Schreiber said, ensures these small businesses can operate efficiently and safely providing families needed, reliable and consistent childcare access which strengthens our workforce and helps our economy grow and thrive.

“Addressing these issues will ensure the growth and sustainability of this important sector of Oklahoma’s economy while at the same time send a message to Oklahoma families that we are working for common sense solutions to the real problems they face staying in the workforce,” Rep. Schreiber said. “Often the biggest barrier for Oklahomans to stay in the workforce is a lack of consistent and affordable childcare, so that’s what we are attempting to do.”

Schreiber lauded the bi-partisan support and excitement generated for the measure. She said its passage through the legislature and support of the governor and Oklahoma’s business community is a testament to the importance of focusing on solving real problems facing Oklahomans. 

“I came to this capitol building looking to be a problem solver for the issues that Oklahomans care about the most. Removing barriers for not only Oklahoma businesses, but also for the Oklahoma families who rely on consistent and quality child care, is a common sense solution that I’m proud to have shepherded through the legislature in my first legislative session,” Rep. Schreiber said.


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