Humphrey to File Legislation to Unseat Hamas Supporters

Dec 04, 2023
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Rep. Justin Humphrey, R-Lane, today commented on actions by elected officials who support Hamas in their ongoing war with Israel. He said he intends to file legislation that will require any Oklahoma elected official known to be in support of a terrorist organization to be removed from their seat.

"I would never have believed America would ever witness elected officials in our state and in the U.S. Congress who openly support terrorists. Incredibly, some of these members have been allowed for years to openly declare their hatred of America while defending terrorist assassins. Now, such hatred is spreading.

"This October, the world witnessed an unprovoked attack on the Jewish nation. These attacks resulted in the murders and rapes of innocent civilians. Many of these victims were young children, teenagers, and the elderly. Hamas is the appalling group of terrorist thugs who executed, disgracefully raped, kidnapped and committed unspeakable acts on their helpless victims.

"Unsurprisingly, Hollywood is now attempting to steal the attention of this crisis by declaring a bogus hunger strike. Individuals declaring a hunger strike have committed to a whole two days without eating. What a joke. I have often gone longer than a mere two days without eating. I am never shocked by Hollywood’s fake agenda, but I must admit, this time I am extremely offended by the latest charades. Promoting terrorist pukes like Hamas is truly reprehensible.

"I find it inconceivable and astonishing that any elected official would participate and support the baby killing, kidnapping rapists known as Hamas. More amazing is that these shameless supporters of Hamas also are champions of LGTBQ+ and other sexual deviant causes that Hamas directly opposes. Are they so unenlightened they do not understand Hamas would execute them for these very beliefs? 

"Never in all my days would I have believed that our state would allow this kind of treacherous behavior. I find it even more humorous that I likely will be the one attacked for declaring these fundamental facts."

Oklahoma House of Representatives seal