Title IX Revisions Prompt Action to Protect Oklahoma's Children

Apr 26, 2024
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A few Oklahoma Republican legislators released the following statements in response to the Biden Administration's new Title IX protections for "gender identity."

Earlier this month, U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona announced the new Title IX rules. Under the new regulations, sex discrimination includes discrimination based on "gender identity" as well as sexual orientation. The regulations take effect Aug. 1.

"We must prioritize the well-being of Oklahoma's children and explore all options to replace federal funds tied to Title IX," Maynard said. "Oklahoma has the money to replace federal funding in our schools, and we must consider all possible avenues to protect our children. We cannot allow the Biden Administration's radical policies to dictate education in Oklahoma."

The issues for Rep. Cody Maynard, R-Durant, Sen. David Bullard, R-Durant, Rep. Chris Banning, R-Bixby, and Sen. Warren Hamilton, R-McCurtain, who are against the changes revolve around the ideology behind gender identity and sexual orientation and the infringement upon spaces traditionally reserved for males and females, such as school bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams, among others.

"For three years, I have sounded the trumpet that not only is federal funding of state education unconstitutional but it is also a bad idea," Bullard said. "This is exactly why. The liberals have been threatening to defund our schools in cruel and unusual ways. The state of Oklahoma must have a plan on how we will replace these funds so we cannot be manipulated into doing that which we cannot morally do."

The ultimate penalty for non-compliance with Title IX regulations is the withdrawal of federal funds. Therefore, the Republican legislators said, all options are on the table when it comes to protecting the innocence of Oklahoman children.

"Given that Title IX regulations now include gender identity and sexual orientation, failure to comply may result in the withdrawal of federal funds," Banning said. "In protecting our values and supporting our children, we must oppose Biden, whose administration clearly contradicts Oklahoma's values."

“We must stand by Oklahoma children and safeguard our state’s values,” Hamilton said. “Tying school funding to ideologies relating to gender identity and sexual orientation does not align with our values. I am confident our state can find innovative ways to replace federal funding to ensure our students are not subjected to these principles.”

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs and activities at schools and colleges that receive federal funds. This law has provided many girls and women opportunities to compete in sports and to earn scholarships to attend high schools and colleges.

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