Governor Signs Alanda's Law

May 07, 2024
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Rep. Erick Harris, R-Edmond, today celebrated the signing of Alanda's Law, House Bill 2478, which expedites the legal process for victims of domestic abuse seeking temporary relief in custody cases.

Under HB2478, courts are required to schedule a hearing on temporary custody orders within 10 days of a domestic abuse victim filing a request for temporary custody orders unless both parties mutually agree to waive this timeline.

Harris said this provision specifically applies in cases where the application contains allegations of domestic abuse and either an emergency temporary protective order is already in place against the accused party or the accused has been criminally charged with domestic abuse.

"For victims of domestic violence, the timing of a judge's availability should not be a barrier," Harris said. "It is crucial to ensure that domestic violence victims appear timely before a judge to expedite the decision-making process."

The measure will require the court to issue a ruling on the matter versus arbitrarily scheduling another hearing for a later date, enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of legal proceedings in these critical situations.

"Often, children are involved in these situations," Harris said. "It is imperative that judges swiftly act to ensure families avoid unnecessary heartache during an already traumatic time."

Harris named HB2478 Alanda's Law after Alanda Bradshaw, a victim of domestic abuse, in honor of her memory and her beautiful daughter. He said the sustained abuse Alanda endured tragically contributed to her premature passing.

"I hope this legislation will honor Alanda and other victims of domestic abuse," Harris said. "The most dangerous moment for a domestic violence victim is when they try to leave their abuser. Alanda's Law protects victims and their families during this critical time."

HB2478 will go into effect on Nov. 1.

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