Speaker McCall Responds to Biden Administration Letter

May 20, 2024
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka, today responded to a letter sent by the Biden Administration last week regarding House Bill 4156 which creates the crime of impermissible occupation in Oklahoma. The letter was sent to Gov. Kevin Stitt and Attorney General Gentner Drummond by the Biden Dept. of Justice, and threatened legal action if the law is enforced. 

"The Biden Administration's continued failures to address the illegal immigration crisis in our country are what necessitated the passage of House Bill 4156 in the first place.

I find it laughable that in the Administration's letter to Gov. Stitt and Attorney General Drummond, they claim Oklahoma is interfering with the function of the federal government on immigration issues. There has been nothing but disfunction at the federal level since President Biden took office. 

House Bill 4156 was a carefully crafted, well-thought-out piece of legislation designed to acknowledge the role of the federal government in immigration matters, while at the same time protect the sovereignty and security of our state's borders. I fully support the defense of this law by our state's attorney general, and look forward to seeing it upheld in court."



Contact: Daniel Seitz, House Leadership Communications Liaison

Phone: (405) 962-7649

Email: daniel.seitz@okhouse.gov 

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