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59th Legislature

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May 16, 2024
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Gov Signs Financial Literacy Education Bill

Legislation adding a financial literacy course to high school graduation requirements has been signed into law. House Bill 2158 was authored by Rep. Dick Lowe, R-Amber, who said empowering students to take control of their finances starts with education. "Requiring students to master financial literacy before graduating isn't just about balancing budgets," Lowe said. "It's about laying a good foundation as they begin the next chapter of their lives by equipping them with the tools they need to navigate financial decisions thoughtfully." The measure requires students to complete 1/2 unit of personal financial literacy coursework in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade. The coursework may be integrated into an existing class or taught on its own. HB2158 outlines certain topics to be taught, including retirement planning, investing, online banking features and credit scores. "I proudly signed HB 2158 into law because students need these crucial financial literacy skills to thrive in their lives and careers," said Governor Kevin Stitt. "I’m proud of Representative Lowe for introducing this important piece of legislation, and I’m excited for the doors this opens for Oklahoma students." "Housing is a basic human right, and homeownership is a dream for many," said Bryan Hutchinson, CEO of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®. "Putting financial literacy tools into our students' hands is key to making the next generation of homeowners a reality. This bill better prepares Oklahoma’s students to navigate the pathway to homeownership and creates the foundation for financial responsibility. The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®? was pleased to support HB 2158, and our 14,000 members sincerely thank Representative Dick Lowe and Senator Brenda Stanley for prioritizing this legislation." HB2158 was authored in the Senate by Sen. Brenda Stanley, R-Midwest City. "In addition to ensuring Oklahoma students receive a quality education, we must provide them with tools for success as they transition into adulthood," Stanley said. "It was an honor to work with Representative Lowe on this legislation that ensures young adults in our state are introduced to budgeting, investing, retirement planning, credit scores, home ownership, and other subjects related to personal finances. I appreciate the governor for signing this measure that ensures the next generation is empowered to make wise financial decisions following the completion of this graduation requirement." HB2158 will take effect July 1, 2025.

Apr 30, 2024
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House Honors OSU 1979 National Champion Livestock Judging Team

The Oklahoma House of Representatives recently honored Oklahoma State University's 1979 National Champion Livestock Judging team on the House floor. The team was introduced on the floor by Rep. Dick Lowe, R-Amber, who was a member of the team while studying at OSU. Lowe introduced the team's coach, Dr. Bob Kropp, along with members Tom Kissee, Terry Richardson, Stan Comer, Bill Robertson and Bill Wilkins. The presentation was the opening event for the OSU Day celebration at the State Capitol on April 24th. "It was an honor to recognize these outstanding gentlemen and celebrate the 45th anniversary of our national championship," Lowe said. "These guys became lifelong friends, and Dr. Kropp has always been somebody that I've not only admired, but has become a mentor and friend. It was very special to celebrate this great team and the legacy of excellence in OSU's livestock judging teams." This year marks 45 years since Lowe's team took home the national championship. OSU first won a national championship in livestock judging in 1925 and, since then, has earned more championships than any other university in the country. 

May 18, 2023
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School Safety Pilot Program Passes House

Legislation creating a school safety pilot program passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives Wednesday. House Bill 2903 creates the School Resource Officer Program, a three-year pilot program to provide every district with a school resource officer or security upgrades. House Bill 2904 funds the program and directs approximately $96,000 to each Oklahoma public school district. Both bills were presented on the House floor by Rep. Dick Lowe, R-Amber. "Parents want their children to be safe at school and progress in their education," Lowe said. "These two bills represent a tremendous investment in school safety for school districts of all sizes." Under HB2903, School Resource Officers (SROs) participating in the program must complete active shooter emergency response training provided by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET). The bill also establishes a School Security Revolving Fund and allows the State Department of Education to distribute up to $50 million per year, totaling a $150 million investment over the three-year program. HB2903 passed the House 90-9 and HB2904 passed 98-1. Both bills now move to the Senate for consideration.