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Minority Caucus Secretary

58th Legislature

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Aug 29, 2023
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House Democrats Call on Speaker of the House to Form Special Bipartisan Committee to Investigate State Superintendent

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, House Democrats called on the Speaker of the House to form a special bipartisan committee to investigate possible impeachment charges for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters amid recent bomb threats at Tulsa area elementary schools believed to be linked to Walters' rhetoric about Tulsa Public Schools. “Oklahomans deserve a public school system where parents, students and teachers feel safe to go to school and the needs of our students are prioritized over dangerous political rhetoric,” said House Democratic Caucus Chair Trish Ranson, D-Stillwater. House Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson, D-Oklahoma City said the special bipartisan committee would investigate the current state superintendent to determine if his actions rise to the level of impeachment. “Allocating funds for public education should be free of corruption or political gain. There is already evidence of Walters’ corruption through misspent federal dollars along with discrepancies in his campaign finances. Paired with his toxic rhetoric that is impacting the safety of our schools, we believe it is more than enough to, at the very least, investigate him,” Leader Munson said. Rep. Provenzano mentioned that the rhetoric from the state superintendent has been harmful and potentially compromised the safety of school children. She also believes he is willfully neglecting his duty of office. “The rhetoric from the state superintendent has, up until now, been designed to distract and ?sow chaos. But now, elementary schools in the Tulsa area have received bomb threats as a ?result of disinformation shared by him. Our children deserve to be safe. The willful neglect of ?that duty, even in the highest offices in our state, cannot and will not be ?overlooked. Enough is enough,” Rep. Provenzano added. Leader Munson said, "We share in the growing frustration of Oklahomans across our state who want action to address their deep concerns for the future of public education. It is now time for action." -END-

Aug 14, 2023
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Rep. Jason Lowe’s Interim Study Will Examine Effectiveness of Court-based Diversion Programs

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Jason Lowe, D-Oklahoma City and Senator George Young, D- Oklahoma City will present a joint interim study to examine the effectiveness of different court-based diversion programs. Together they will incorporate information that will look at the effectiveness of court fees associated with trial and conviction. ?"As a legislator and criminal defense attorney, I am a strong believer in rehabilitation over incarceration. ?We need to invest in these diversion programs that help with the rehabilitation process for ?Oklahomans in the court systems,” Rep. Lowe said. The study will focus on how to support and improve these ?programs, along with their effectiveness with rehabilitating those who have been criminally charged. “As a former Oklahoma County Drug Court, DUI Court, Veterans Court and Mental Health Court Advocate, I have seen just how important and effective these diversion programs are. I commend Rep. Lowe for suggesting this interim study to take a look at diversion programs and to have discussion as to its value to the community,” Sen. Young said.   Court diversion programs are programs that provide alternate paths so that prison or fines and fees are not the only option. These programs are just one part of a multistage model of resources aimed at reducing Oklahoma’s incarceration rate. Court diversion programs may require actions like participating in drug or alcohol treatment programs, mental health and anger management practices, or community service. Rep. Lowe said he hopes the study will take a deep dive into what makes these programs effective, how to improve the effectiveness and what are the outcomes of the individuals who go through the diversion process. All interim studies must be completed by Nov. 16.   -END-

Aug 3, 2023
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“To pretend they don’t know is willful ignorance.” Rep. Jason Lowe, D-OKC Responds to Legislator’s Denial That the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 Was Racially Motivated

OKLAHOMA CITY – “Today, I must respond to the recent statement made by my fellow legislator regarding the Tulsa Race Massacre. It is vital to correct the narrative and acknowledge the racial underpinnings of this tragic event. Rewriting history for your comfort is not just misguided, it's dangerous,” Rep. Lowe said. “History is not about feelings, it's about facts. The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 was an appalling act of racial violence, where the thriving Black community in the Greenwood District, known as "Black Wall Street," was devastated by a white mob. Denying its racial motivation ignores the painful truth and undermines the enduring impact on the Black community,” he added. “There are still living survivors, and to pretend we don't know when they have told us repeatedly is willful ignorance. As a legislator and an advocate for justice, I stand by the importance of accurately telling history. Banning books, historic teachings, and such discussions only hinders our progress toward a more inclusive and equitable society. Let us face our history honestly, trust teachers to teach without political shackles, and work together to dismantle racial inequalities. Only through acknowledgement and understanding, can we build a brighter future and build an Oklahoma that doesn't have legislators confused about what happened in our state's history," Rep. Lowe concluded.   -END-