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Mar 14, 2024
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House Approves Resolution to Aid Seniors with Property Tax Freeze

Rep. Max Wolfley, R-Oklahoma City, won House approval for a resolution to help more seniors obtain a freeze on the assessed taxable value of their homes. House Joint Resolution 1025 would introduce a legislative referendum allowing voters to decide whether to double the income threshold for the freeze on the assessed value of a senior's residential property. Under the current law, only individuals 65 years or older and with a gross household income lower than the annual median income of the county where the property is located are eligible for the property tax freeze. "Seniors are particularly vulnerable to the effects of inflation," Wolfley said. "We must take action to ensure they can continue to live in their homes without any undue financial burden. One way to do that is to freeze the taxable value of their properties, thereby reducing the strain of property taxes. This fosters financial security and stability for our seniors and shows our commitment to their well-being." Currently, the maximum household income at which seniors can claim a taxable value freeze ranges from $48,600 to $85,600, depending on which county they reside in. If voters pass this referendum, the income threshold would range from $97,200 to $171,200. HJR1025 passed the House 92 -1 and is now available for consideration in the Senate. 

Mar 24, 2023
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House Approves Bills to Help Seniors

Rep. Max Wolfley, R-Oklahoma City, has advanced two bills benefiting seniors in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. On Tuesday, Rep. Wolfley passed House Bill 2020, which increases the Oklahoma income tax exemption for retirement benefits from $10,000 to $20,000 beginning in the tax year 2024.  "The exemption for retirement income hasn't been increased in 16 years," Wolfley said. "Inflation has severely eroded the purchasing power of those on fixed incomes." HB2020 passed the House 90-0. It is authored in the Senate by Sen. John Michael Montgomery, R-Lawton. House Bill 2027, approved recently, provides a state sales tax rebate on the sale of hearing aids.  "As it stands now, a senior citizen could take five of their grandkids for two days to the waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge in Texas and pay for everything, including gas, food, and lodging, with the money they save by buying their hearing aids in a state that doesn't tax medical devices," Wolfley said. The taxpayer must file a claim with the Oklahoma Tax Commission within one year of the purchase date, and the commission will refund the state sales tax portion to the taxpayer. HB2027 passed 89-1 and now heads to the Senate, where it is authored by Sen. Jessica Garvin, R-Duncan.

Feb 7, 2023

Legislators, Pro-Life Organizations Defend Oklahoma's Abortion Laws

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today a bicameral group of legislators, together with numerous pro-life organizations, released the following statement in support of Oklahoma's current abortion laws. "Oklahoma is blessed to have the most comprehensive laws in the country to protect our unborn babies. We intend to defend our current laws as they stand, with the only allowed exception being to save the life of the mother. There is nothing more important than defending innocent life. The push to allow exceptions may come across as rooted in compassion for difficult circumstances, but at the end of the day, any additional exceptions would only take away innocent lives. There is no gray area when the issue is defending life. Each and every child has a right to life." The above statement is supported by the following legislators and organizations: Rep. Chris Banning (R-Bixby) Rep. Brad Boles (R-Marlow) Rep. Eddy Dempsey (R-Valliant) Rep. Collin Duel (R-Guthrie) Rep. Tom Gann (R-Inola) Rep. David Hardin (R-Stilwell) Rep. Justin Humphrey (R-Lane) Rep. John Kane (R-Bartlesville) Rep. Cody Maynard (R-Durant) Rep. Jim Olsen (R-Roland) Rep. Randy Randleman (R-Eufaula) Rep. Clay Staires (R-Skiatook) Rep. Kevin West (R-Moore) Rep. Rick West (R-Heavener) Rep. Danny Williams (R-Seminole) Rep. Max Wolfley (R-Oklahoma City) Sen. Micheal Bergstrom (R-Adair) Sen. David Bullard (R-Durant) Sen. George Burns (R-Pollard) Sen. Nathan Dahm (R-Broken Arrow) Sen. Warren Hamilton (R-McCurtain) Sen. Shane Jett (R-Shawnee) Sen. Roland Pederson (R-Burlington) Sen. Blake Stephens (R-Tahlequah) Students for Life Action OCPAC City Elders Oklahoma Second Amendment Association  The First Session of the 59th Legislature began Monday, February 6.