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58th Legislature

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Aug 29, 2023
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House Democrats Call on Speaker of the House to Form Special Bipartisan Committee to Investigate State Superintendent

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, House Democrats called on the Speaker of the House to form a special bipartisan committee to investigate possible impeachment charges for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters amid recent bomb threats at Tulsa area elementary schools believed to be linked to Walters' rhetoric about Tulsa Public Schools. “Oklahomans deserve a public school system where parents, students and teachers feel safe to go to school and the needs of our students are prioritized over dangerous political rhetoric,” said House Democratic Caucus Chair Trish Ranson, D-Stillwater. House Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson, D-Oklahoma City said the special bipartisan committee would investigate the current state superintendent to determine if his actions rise to the level of impeachment. “Allocating funds for public education should be free of corruption or political gain. There is already evidence of Walters’ corruption through misspent federal dollars along with discrepancies in his campaign finances. Paired with his toxic rhetoric that is impacting the safety of our schools, we believe it is more than enough to, at the very least, investigate him,” Leader Munson said. Rep. Provenzano mentioned that the rhetoric from the state superintendent has been harmful and potentially compromised the safety of school children. She also believes he is willfully neglecting his duty of office. “The rhetoric from the state superintendent has, up until now, been designed to distract and ?sow chaos. But now, elementary schools in the Tulsa area have received bomb threats as a ?result of disinformation shared by him. Our children deserve to be safe. The willful neglect of ?that duty, even in the highest offices in our state, cannot and will not be ?overlooked. Enough is enough,” Rep. Provenzano added. Leader Munson said, "We share in the growing frustration of Oklahomans across our state who want action to address their deep concerns for the future of public education. It is now time for action." -END-

Apr 6, 2023
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Legislative Black Caucus Set to Host 2023 A.C. Hamlin Gala

OKLAHOMA CITY –The Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus Chair, Rep. Jason Lowe, D-OKC, is pleased to announce the 2023 A.C. Hamlin Gala, which will be held at 7 p.m. April 18 at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. Tickets for the event, normally $75, are on sale for $65 until April 8.  The gala, named after political trailblazer and the first Black member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, A.C. Hamlin, will be a celebration of his life and achievements. The event raises funds for academic scholarships for students attending Oklahoma’s only HBCU – Langston University.  "A.C. Hamlin was an exceptional leader who fought for civil rights and economic justice," Lowe said. "The gala is an opportunity to honor his legacy and raise funds for the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus Foundation, which is dedicated to empowering students at Langston University." The A.C. Hamlin Gala will be an evening to remember, as the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus honors outstanding Oklahomans who have made significant contributions to their communities. The Chairman's Award will recognize an individual who has continued the long march of progress toward a better Oklahoma. In addition, the Media Innovator Award will honor innovative media professionals dedicated to keeping Oklahomans informed. These awards are an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of exceptional Oklahomans and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. The 2023 Chairman's Award winner is Toby Brown, an exceptional Oklahoman who has contributed significantly to the state's progress. Brown has a long history of supporting the community. Brown is also the President of the Toby Brown Realty, a real estate development firm that has played a vital role in the revitalization of Oklahoma City's downtown area. The 2023 Media Innovator Award winners include Carla Hinton, Nehemiah D. Frank, Martha Vaughan, Kevin Perry, Donald R. James II, Clytie Bunyan, and Naomi Keitt. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication to journalism and media, helping to shine a light on important issues affecting Oklahomans. Their work spans across print, broadcast, and digital media, and their contributions have had a significant impact on their respective communities. Members of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus include:  Rep. Jason Lowe, chair Rep. Monroe Nichols, vice chair Sen. Kevin Matthews Sen. George Young Rep. Regina Goodwin Rep. Ajay Pittman Rep. Mauree Turner Join us for dinner and celebration as we recognize these exceptional individuals. Purchase tickets by calling (405)557-7367 or following this link:  2023 A.C. Hamlin Gala .  -END-

Apr 28, 2022

Democrats: SB615 a threat to Oklahomans, Economic Investment

" OKLAHOMA CITY -- Several House Democrats released statements today after Senate Bill 615 passed the House floor. SB615 is “copycat legislation” from other Republican-controlled states that forbids transgender Oklahomans from using bathrooms most applicable to their gender identity and creates barriers to mental health care and educational material.  Rep. Mauree Turner, D-OKC: ""Oklahomans are surviving on mutual aid because our Republican-supermajority Legislature is attacking its people, and specifically our 2SLGBTQ+ youth. We have used the power of the Legislature to drop last-minute legislation like Senate Bill 615 – a bill that codifies into law that counselors will continue to be a safe space for all students as long as they aren't 2SLGBTQ+ students. “Our representatives have created a space where organizations like Sisu and Pivot, in Oklahoma, thrive: youth shelters. Oklahoma youth shelters have a large group of 2SLGBTQ+ youth due to these young people being rejected at home. When the Legislature uses tactics to scare folks from caring for youth or empowers bigotry and hatred for our youth – what are we telling them?  “Thankfully, these laws will never get rid of our 2SLGBTQ+ youth, but they do create a closet to hold them. SB615 fosters an environment where children do not feel safe.  “For the youth that are watching these bad bills: I not only see you, love you, and hear you – I am you. It is hard to experience this attack every day at the hands of community elected officials that have done nothing to ensure your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  “There are 2LGBTQ+ affirming mental health crisis support available like the Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 or text START 678-678, Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860, and the LGBT Hotline 888-843-4564. It's never a bad thing to reach out."" Rep. Forrest Bennett, D-OKC: “I’m proud to represent Oklahoma City, a place that has intentionally invested in itself to be a destination for families to live, businesses to relocate, and vacationers to visit. No amount of self-investment by cities like OKC, nor incentives and tax breaks from the state, can overcome hateful legislation aimed at groups that are already marginalized. In the coming days, I hope civic leaders will join us in speaking out against this harmful bill. Senate Bill 615 hurts people. It hurts progress. It hurts Oklahoma.” Rep. Monroe Nichols, D-Tulsa:  “We voted on and I supported a $700 million economic incentive to hopefully entice a Fortune 500 company to open a factory in Oklahoma. However, I’m afraid with Senate Bill 615, we just did more than $700 million worth of damage to our state's reputation. “We have seen the massive fallout from legislation like this in other states. Many companies, like Panasonic for example, are clear and demonstrate their support for the LGBTQ community. There is more to economic development than money and tax incentives. Companies will not choose for their employees, and their families, to be subjected to laws that ostracize and marginalize their existence. SB615 is not just a bad bill, it is a job killer.”  -END- "