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Hi, I’m Daniel Pae and I represent the people of Oklahoma’s 62nd District.


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Oct 9, 2023
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Alonso-Sandoval, Pae Organize Study on Artificial Intelligence

A bipartisan study on the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) will be held at the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Tuesday, October 10. Reps. Arturo Alonso-Sandoval, D-Oklahoma City, and Daniel Pae, R-Lawton, will lead the study, which will explore the potential impact of AI on Oklahoma's economy, job market and workforce development. The study will also evaluate the ethical, legal and societal implications of AI implementation, including privacy, bias and algorithmic transparency. "Moore's Law underscores the exponential pace of technological advancement, a phenomenon that poses challenges for us, particularly in the realm of public policy," said Alonso-Sandoval. "In light of the recent proliferation of AI technologies to the general public, it becomes imperative to grasp how this multifaceted technology, spanning areas such as generative AI and facial recognition, will reshape our communities' interactions with the world. These developments present an array of opportunities and challenges. "I'm enthusiastic about adopting a bipartisan approach to address this issue, collaborating with Representative Daniel Pae. Together, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of how we can navigate the AI landscape, positioning Oklahoma at the forefront of this technological revolution while ensuring equitable progress for all." "AI is going to be one of the most important policy issues we address as lawmakers in the 21st century," said Pae. "This technology is going to profoundly change how we live, so we need to be proactive in terms of what parameters are placed around it. I’m excited to work with my friend Rep. Arturo Alonso-Sandoval and collaborate in a bipartisan manner to develop long-term sustainable ideas." Speakers include: Madeline Mitchell, advisory senior manager of AI at Deloitte, who will explain generative AI and how to operationalize AI responsibly; Ken Parker, co-founder and CEO at NextThought, who will discuss the potential benefits and concerns of AI; Robin Roberson, senior vice president and head of platform partnerships at Eberl Claims Services; Scott Klosoky, partner at Future Point of View (FPOV); and Josh Snavely, cybersecurity/privacy, risk and security attorney at McAfee & Taft, who will all speak to the practical applications of AI and how it could be utilized by society; Dr. Rose Shao, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, will explore different applications of AI technologies in healthcare settings; and Pennsylvania State Rep. Tarik Khan of House District 194, a family nurse practitioner who coauthored legislation to regulate the use of AI algorithms in health insurance claims processes. The study is slated for 1:30 p.m. and will be held before the House Government Modernization and Technology Committee, as well as live-streamed on the House website.

Aug 28, 2023
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Pae Praises Aspen Institute's Policy Recommendations Following International Discussions

Rep. Daniel Pae, R-Lawton, participated in the Aspen Institute Germany's Laboratories of Democracy Initiative, a transatlantic exchange program, and worked with fellow legislators from the United States and Germany to develop recommendations to improve transatlantic relations. The report was released on Monday, Aug. 28. “I’m extremely proud of how our transatlantic cohort came together to develop this publication," said Pae, who chairs the House Rural Development Committee. "The challenge for us now is to turn these ideas into reality. We must be proactive when addressing structural changes.” The policy recommendations are grouped into three categories: economic dimension, social dimension, and environmental dimension. The report also includes action points for the state level to help implement the recommendations. A total of 16 legislators, eight Americans and eight Germans, participated in the 2023 program, which included several virtual sessions and meetings in Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, in May 2023 and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in June 2023. The report may be found here . 

Mar 23, 2023
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Bill Protecting Renters in Unsafe Housing Conditions Passes

Legislation updating the Landlord Tenant Act to protect renters living in unsafe living conditions was approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Wednesday. House Bill 2109, authored by Rep. Daniel Pae, R-Lawton, protects tenants from retaliatory actions taken by landlords and allows courts to require landlords to make needed repairs for health and safety. "The vast majority of Oklahoma's landlords work hard to keep their rental property in good shape, but unfortunately, tenants whose landlords are not maintaining a healthy, safe living environment have very little protection in our current statute," Pae said. "House Bill 2109 provides tenants with the tools necessary to ensure their housing conditions are restored to a safe baseline." HB2109, which applies to landlords renting more than 10 units, protects tenants from common types of landlord retaliation, including raising rent, threatening eviction, or decreasing services. It also gives courts the authority to require a landlord to make a repair needed to ensure a rental property is safe and habitable when they refuse to make the repair otherwise. The measure passed the House 71-23. It is authored in the Senate by Sen. John Michael Montgomery, R-Lawton.