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Hi, I'm Danny Sterling and I represent the people of Oklahoma's 27th District.


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Mar 24, 2023
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Sterling Passes Bill Modifying OTA Appointments

Legislation modifying who appoints members to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives this week. Rep. Danny Sterling, R-Tecumseh, authored House Bill 2263 to give equal appointment authority to the House Speaker, Senate President Pro Tempore and the Governor, who, if the bill becomes law, will appoint two members each to the six-member board. Currently, the Governor appoints all six members. "House Bill 2263 would evenly divide the appointment power between the House Speaker, Senate President Pro Tempore and the Governor to bring more transparency to the board," said Sterling, who held an interim study on the OTA in 2022. The measure reduces member term length from eight years to six years but allows current members are allowed to serve out the rest of their original term, even if it exceeds six years. Appointed members can be removed at any time with cause by the appointing authority. HB2263 also prohibits members from voting on any issue in which they have a direct financial interest. Having passed the House 89-3, the bill now moves to the Senate.