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Hi, I'm Lonnie Sims and I represent the people of Oklahoma's 68th District.


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Apr 24, 2024
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House Sends Property Protection Bill to Governor

Legislation penalizing notaries public who fail to identify the person signing the document has been sent to the governor's desk.  Rep. Lonnie Sims, R-Jenks, passed Senate Bill 556 through the Oklahoma House of Representatives Wednesday morning.  If signed into law, any notarial officer who fails to make a good faith effort to identify the person signing the document could be found guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine of up to $1,000, 10 days of imprisonment or both.  "It's incredibly important in legal proceedings to ensure that documents are signed by the right people," Sims said. "Unfortunately, due to Oklahoma's lax laws on this issue, it's surprisingly easy for someone to steal the title to your home. This measure will align us with other states and cut down on fraudulent activity within the state."  The bill was authored in the Senate by Sen. John Haste, R-Broken Arrow.  “Ensuring the authenticity of legal documents is crucial for protecting Oklahomans from potential fraud," Haste said. "By holding notarial officers accountable for verifying signatures, we're aligning with national standards and strengthening our state against fraudulent activities.”  Sims and Haste worked with Tulsa County Clerk Michael Willis on the measure. Willis said they've found several cases of notarial officers who will notarize documents without following proper protocol, making them an accessory to fraud when a criminal is trying to steal property by filing a false deed. “This legislation is so important as we work to protect the rights of property owners in Oklahoma,” Willis said. “With deed and title fraud on the rise in our state, this will help us ensure we have recourse to go after notary officers who are negligent in their duties. I commend Representative Sims and Senator Haste for supporting our request with this and getting it across the finish line.”  Just last month in Oklahoma County, a woman was arrested after trying to steal a home by filing fraudulent paperwork. Authorities were alerted after the signature on the fraudulent paperwork did not match the homeowner's signature. SB556 passed the House 71-7 Wednesday and is now available to be signed into law by the governor. 

Apr 11, 2024
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Sims Passes Arkansas River Levee Support through House A&B

The Oklahoma House of Representatives Appropriations & Budget Committee has approved legislation aimed at bolstering the Arkansas River Levees through the establishment of a revolving fund managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Senate Bill 1391, carried in the House by Rep. Lonnie Sims, R-Jenks, paves the way for the creation of the Arkansas River Levee Improvement Revolving Fund under the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. If signed into law, the $50 million fund would be used to improve the 20 miles of levees along the Arkansas River.  Levees, which are used to prevent the overflow of rivers, play an important role in maintaining safety infrastructure and protecting homes, businesses, and people.  Sims said prompt action is needed to capture the $137.4 million in federal matching funds to repair and replace the levees along the Arkansas River in Tulsa County, which have been ranked in the top 5% most at risk for failure in the United States by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. "To quote one of my favorite movies, Apollo 13, 'failure is not an option,'" Sims said. "We have to capitalize on the opportunity now to repair and replace this critical infrastructure that is well beyond its engineering design life." An estimated 10,000 people and over $2 billion in assets are protected by these levees. "To put that in perspective, 87% of Oklahoma towns are less than 5,000 in population," Sims said. "So failure could very well be the equivalent of wiping two Oklahoma towns completely off the map." SB1391 passed the House Appropriations & Budget Committee 34-0. The bill, which was authored in the Senate by Sen. Cody Rogers, R-Tulsa, is now eligible to be heard on the House floor.

Mar 14, 2024
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Representatives Issue Joint Statement After Death of Nex Benedict

OKLAHOMA CITY – A group of Oklahoma House representatives today released a statement about the death of Nex Benedict. The Owasso High School student's death was ruled an overdose according to the state medical examiner. Benedict died one day after being injured in an altercation inside an Owasso High School bathroom. "The tragic suicide of Nex Benedict is a harsh reminder of the power that words have. As public officials and policy makers, we have a sacred obligation to ensure that as we do the work of the people, we do so with respect and dignity. Every human life is precious and created in the image of God regardless of who they are or who they love. We call on all Oklahomans to join us in our commitment to being respectful and deliberate in our language." The statement is issued by Reps. Marcus McEntire, R-Duncan; Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City; Jeff Boatman, R-Tulsa; Mike Osburn, R-Edmond; Mark McBride, R-Moore; Tammy West, R-Oklahoma City; Mark Vancuren, R-Owasso; Lonnie Sims, R-Jenks. The lawmakers reminded the public that anyone feeling suicidal or experiencing thoughts of suicide should contact 988 or 911 immediately. LGBTQ youth also can call (866) 488-7386 or text "START" to 678-678 to reach the Trevor Project."