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Jun 12, 2023
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Red Cedar Water Conservation Bill Signed into Law

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Mike Dobrinski, R-Okeene, today praised the enactment of legislation that establishes a pilot program to explore solutions to the red cedar infestation throughout the state, beginning with a concentration on the North Canadian Watershed.  House Bill 2239 creates the Terry Peach North Canadian Watershed Restoration Act, named after former Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Terry Peach who died last year. It was signed into law by the governor Friday. "Eastern red cedars and other invasive trees are harming our environment and our economy," Dobrinski said. "This program will help us determine solutions to protect our water supply, our grazing lands and wildlife habitats, and will help us reduce the risk of wildfires." Dobrinski credited and thanked other lawmakers for their help on the legislation including Reps. Carl Newton, R-Cherokee, and Kenton Patzkowsky, R-Balko; Sens. Darcy Jech, R-Kingfisher, Roland Pederson, R-Burlington, and Casey Murdock, R-Felt; as well as former state Sen. Don Williams; and Trey Lam, executive director of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission. Lam said of the legislation, "Oklahoma has taken a big step in the long process of addressing invasive cedars with the passage of the Terry Peach North Canadian Watershed Restoration Act. The Oklahoma Conservation Commission appreciates the leadership of Representative Dobrinski and Senator Jech for taking real-world, on-the-ground, action to protect the lives and natural resources of Oklahomans." Lam said the rapid growth of cedar brush intensifies drought, reduces water levels and fuels intense wildfires every year. While there is no one single short term solution, the three-prong approach of research, eradication by utilizing prescribed burning and mechanically creating brush-free zones around communities and rural infrastructure – starting in the North Canadian River Basin – will provide the Conversation Commission a framework for attacking cedars and invasive brush across the state.   Included in the budget for the Oklahoma Conservation Commission this year is an appropriation of almost $3.3 million to start the cost-sharing pilot program. Dobrinski said he's confident the investment will produce a return on investment. The commission will work in cooperation with landowners, state agencies and other political subdivisions and cost-share expenses incurred in the program.  HB2239 passed with an emergency clause, making it effective immediately. 

May 3, 2023
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Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Bill Signed into Law

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Mike Dobrinski, R-Okeene, today expressed thanks to Gov. Kevin Stitt for his signing into law a measure that would help victims of domestic violence as they establish new residences.   House Bill 2242 would require public utilities and municipally owned utility providers to waive the initial credit and deposit requirements for documented victims of domestic violence.   Dobrinski said the measure was a constituent request modeled after a plan proposal by the City of Edmond.   "We must do everything we can to ensure the protection of domestic violence victims," Dobrinski said. "Easing the burden of these up-front fees when victims are trying to get somewhere safe away from their abusers will help. I'm gratified to provide this assistance to those who are vulnerable."   Documentation for victims can include an existing protective order, a statement from law enforcement personnel, a statement of a designated representative of a certified domestic violence shelter or certified domestic violence program pursuant to state statute.   Dobrinski thanked Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond, who authored the legislation in the Senate.   “Given the prevalence of domestic violence in our state and the fact that more women are killed by men than in any other state, we must do all we can to get these victims away from their abusers as quickly as possible and into a safe space,” Pugh said. “This bill will ensure victims don’t stay in a dangerous situation simply because they have bad or no credit or lack the money for a housing deposit. No one’s life is worth that, and I’m glad this protection is now law in Oklahoma.”   An emergency clause in the bill makes it immediately effective. 

Apr 26, 2023
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Micronesian CDL Bill Passes House

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Mike Dobrinski, R-Okeene, today passed legislation in the House that would allow Micronesian residents in Oklahoma to obtain a non-domiciled commercial driver's license (CDL) or commercial learner's permit. The licenses were previously only available to temporary agricultural workers and foreign exchange agriculture students. Dobrinski said Senate Bill 682 has support from government, industry and private businesses who are hoping to see this much needed change signed into law. "The Micronesian People are unique in their citizenship status dating back to the Compact of Free Association in the Reagan administration," Dobrinski explained. "They are dependable, hard-working productive employees who could help alleviate the driver shortage in our transportation industry." The Compact of Free Association provides access to many U.S. domestic programs. In 2018 the REAL ID Act was amended to make the Micronesian people eligible for the identification card. Dobrinski said the language in SB 682 is a collaboration with Service Oklahoma to allow these Micronesian citizens to obtain a CDL in Oklahoma like in the more than 20 other states that have approved this type of license. Sen. Roland Pederson, R-Burlington, is the Senate author of the bill. “Senate Bill 682 was one of my top legislative priorities for this year’s session and I appreciate Rep. Dobrinski’s hard work to make this a reality,” Pederson said. “Micronesian Day on Wednesday will be even more special as we will get to celebrate this bill being one step closer to becoming law.” In addition to the Micronesian population, any person with a valid immigration status in Oklahoma would be able to obtain this type of CDL, according to Service Oklahoma. Several CDL drivers were impacted when the law changed in 2015, and this would allow those individuals to return to the workforce. Currently there are approximately 40 non-domiciled CDL holders in the state of Oklahoma; 10-15 CDLs are issued per year. These licenses are valid for 180 days The amendments under SB 682 are consistent with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The measure passed the House with a vote of 79-9. It now returns to the Senate before being sent to the governor for his consideration of signing it into law.